T9 Dialer

T9 is the app that is missing from your brand new iPhone! It upgrades the stock phone app in so many ways and fills the void that opens in your heart whenever you try to use the stock phone app for searching contact names.



Fast search

We mixed the "search for contacts" with some steriods, a little pixie dust and good ol' fashioned decent programming, and this is what came out on the other side.

Just type the number on your keyboard that represents the next letter in your contact's name and all matching contacts will show up.

The Fast Dial with T9 keyboard capabilities even searches for foreign characters (cyrilic, swedish characters, etc.), and it also doesn't care about space so you can search across "first name" and continue to "last name".


Quick access

For your easy access to your most precious contacts we've bundled your favorites and you recents on the same search screen.

When you search for a name, your favorites and recently called numbers float to the top of the search results, so with similar names, your best friend will always be on the top of the search results.



Manage Contacts

It's inevitable!

During the course of one's life we can inflate our contact list with duplicate names and numbers to such extents that sometimes makes it impossible to manage it.

We've got your back!

T9 can search your contact list for similar names and numbers and offers you to bundle them into one contact. It can do this repeatedly until you get it nice and clean, and like with the search, it matches names with foreign characters too.


Keyboard Customization

Get the look and feel of your keyboard nice and clean, like you want it. The app offers a couple of keyboard themes for your convenience, and be sure to check updates for more!




When doodling with colors and button sizes, you sure would want to save all that hard work

We've got your back! We are introducing themes, where you can save your (up to 3 free) themes, and share them with other users of the T9 app.


Support Center

If you have any questions or you feel like sharing some new ideas about our app with us, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for giving T9 - Dial on steroids a try. We will be in touch promptly